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About holiday calendars on iOS and macOS

Learn how to display holiday calendars in the Calendar app on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac....

Use iCloud calendar subscriptions

Calendar subscriptions are a great way to stay up to date with holidays , sports, social media, and more

Q: US Holiday Calendar

I unsubscribed from US Holidays now want to subscribe again.  Where can I find the URL?

View the Holidays calendar for other regions

Use Language & Region preferences on your Mac to make Calendar show holidays for a different region or country....

Q: Turn off special holidays in calendar

The newly added obscure holidays are of no interest to me. How can I delete them from showing up without disabling all...

Q: how can I remove muslim holidays from my calendar

I have holidays showing up on my IPhone calendar .  How can I remove those specific holidays ?

Q: Can I get another calendar without Muslim holidays?

I went to the calendar app settings and unchecked the US holidays . I wanted the Muslim holidays to disappear, but all...

Q: Is is possible to remove the islamic/Persian/Iranian holidays from my MacBook Pro yearly calendar

OS:  MacBook Pro ver. 10.13.6 the problem is that my yearly calendar is cluttered with holidays .  How can I remove...

Get help with duplicate iCloud calendars

If you see duplicate calendars or events on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or PC after you set up iCloud Calendar ...

Q: how to remove individual us holiday

how to remove individual us holiday that is irrelevant to me...

Q: How do I delete holidays

For some reason I now have holidays on my iPhone 8s calendar that i do not want. How can I delete a specific holiday ?...

Q: I live in the uk and going to America on holiday and was going to buy a Apple Watch series 4 from there but would it work back in the uk on my network

Will the sim work or do I have to use their sim? i know the power lead wont work.

Q: How to make Google Calendar my default calendar on iphone 7?

WoodyofSC wrote:   Tried that path before and no success. When i reach default it gives me the option of holidays ...

Q: The edit button is gone. I am unable to edit calendars since updating to ios 12.  Also, a calendar to which I am subscribed disappeared.

I didn't get that from your OP.  This link should help you:  Use iCloud calendar subscriptions - Apple Support

Q: How to synchronize my macOS calendar with my iOS devices' calendar

Hi, I know that I have to go through iCloud to synchronize my calendars . But, on my iMac, on the left, I have a list...

Welcome to Calendar

Keep track of your busy schedule on your Mac.

Get help using iCloud Contacts, Calendars, or Reminders

bl>Calendar , or Reminders app. Sign out of, then sign back in. Clear your browsing history. Choose History > Clear...

Keep your Calendar up to date with iCloud

With iCloud, you have your calendars in your pocket, at your wrist, and on your desktop. When you add an appointment...

iCloud: Calendar sharing in iCloud

In iCloud Calendar , you can share calendars and set calendar access privilege for your invitees.

iCloud: Share calendars in iCloud

In iCloud Calendar , share calendars privately or publicly.

iCloud: What is iCloud Calendar?

In iCloud Calendar , you can manage your calendars from a Mac or Windows web browser on; updates appear...

iCloud: Customize the calendar view in iCloud

In iCloud Calendar , view a calendar by day, month, or year.

If you accidentally deleted your calendars, reminders, bookmarks, or contacts from iCloud

You can go to and restore your missing calendars , reminders, bookmarks, or contacts from an earlier version....

iCloud: View your Family Sharing calendar in iCloud

In iCloud Calendar , if you joined Family Sharing, see and update a shared Family calendar .

iCloud: Change a calendar’s name or color in iCloud

In iCloud Calendar , change calendar details such as name or color at any time.

iCloud: Receive updates for a shared iCloud calendar

In iCloud Calendar , receive an email every time there’s an update to a shared calendar that you own or participate in....

iCloud: Reply to a shared iCloud calendar invitation

In iCloud Calendar , reply to invitations in the email invitation or in the calendar notification.

iCloud: Restore contacts, calendars, and more in iCloud Settings

In Settings on, restore your contacts, calendars , reminders, and bookmarks from earlier versions.

iCloud: Show the Birthdays calendar in iCloud

In iCloud Calendar , show the Birthdays calendar , which automatically displays all birthdays in iCloud Contacts....

iCloud: Show the Chinese Lunar calendar in iCloud

In iCloud Calendar , show the Chinese Lunar calendar dates along with their Gregorian equivalents.

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