Parker: Your Augmented Reality Bear by Seedling

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Parker: Your Augmented Reality Bear by Seedling


[Music plays]

[Daughter opens Parker box, removes bear and gives a hug]

[Dad sits on couch next to Daughter]

[Dad opens Parker app on iPad]

[Daughter scans X-ray sheet with iPad to see Parker's bones]

[Daughter taps on iPad screen to play Xylobones game]

[Daughter uses iPad to scan X-ray sheet to see Parker's anatomy]

[Daughter gives Parker medicine using wooden accessories]

[Dad takes daughter's temperature]

[Daughter takes Parker's temperature using wooden thermometer with capacitive tip]

[Daughter touches the thermometer on iPad to cure Parker's temperature]

[Daughter creates an augmented reality forest by placing trees, mushrooms and butterflies around Parker on iPad screen that features Apple ARKit technology]

[Daughter rides bike outside with Dad by her side]

[Daughter has fallen off bike, Dad places bandage on her knee]

[Daughter feels better, hugs bear]

[Daughter designs bandage in Parker app]

[Dad and daughter walk down the sidewalk holding hands with Parker the Bear]

  • Overview

    Seedling's Parker the Bear is a classic teddy who works with an app* on your iPad or iPhone to unlock a whole new way to play. He activates augmented reality effects on your iOS device to create an interactive world of doctor play. Parker is all soft and plush—no batteries, no Wi-Fi, no cameras. Simply download the free Parker app and start reimagining the world around you.

    Become Parker’s doctor

    Help your new friend feel better. Cure a tummy bug, cool a fever, and take Parker’s temperature with the special thermometer. Use your iPad or iPhone to examine Parker’s bones, soothe a scratchy throat, and much more.

    Magical effects in everyday spaces

    The more you care for Parker, the more magical your world becomes. Watch Parker’s Happiness Factor go up each time you cure an ailment, solve a problem, or complete a game, then use the magic camera feature to see how Parker’s happiness transforms the world around you with augmented reality effects.

    Games and puzzles

    Caring for Parker unlocks new ways to play together with friends and family. Solve puzzles, connect the dots, take photos and videos together, and create works of art to hang in Parker's world. Discover new problems to solve and games to play.

    STEAM toy

    Parker the Bear is a STEAM toy, offering children a multidimensional way to play and learn about science, technology, education, arts, and math. He helps teach basic biology and digital literacy, while promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


    Classic teddy bear that invites children to explore an interactive world of imaginative doctor play through augmented reality

    All plush and fluff—no batteries, Wi-Fi, or cameras

    Free app* delivers the magic of augmented reality as you play with Parker and your iPhone or iPad

    Teaches basic biology through in-app doctor play diagnosing ailments and applying treatments

    Develops digital literacy and explores the magic of augmented reality

    Promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills

    Cultivates creativity through drawings, connect-the-dots games, and even designing a unique bandage

    Sharpens math skills with puzzles and games

    Caring for Parker encourages empathy and teaches how to be a kind and caring friend

    Helps build independence and confidence

    Suitable for children ages three and older

    What’s in the Box

    Parker the Bear

    Parker's backpack

    Interactive toy thermometer

    Toy stethoscope

    Wooden toy medicine bottle

    Wooden spoon

    Two felt x-ray bibs

    Parker's "Nice to Meet You" letter and envelope

    Tech Specs

    Height: 14.17 in./36 cm

    Weight: 7.48 oz./212 g

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    Mfr. Part Number: 17TBEAR

    UPC or EAN No.: 816107021967


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    Manufacturer Note

    *Parker by Seedling app is only available in English.

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